Monday, June 21, 2010

Product i've been loving #1

One product i've been loving recently is Strawberry Body Butter
It smells so ~yUmMy~
Trust me! teehee
Okay, let's read more about this product
This product moisturize skin, leaving skin soft, smooth, fresh and healthy with natural scent of strawberry fragrance
I think ladies should try this out!
And oh, you can this from Tesco

Have a nice day everyone =)


  1. bau dia semestinya cam nak makan kan kan ;)

  2. btol 2 dni..sedap bau dye cm strawberry!suke2.. ^_^

  3. body butter neh boleh di buat homemade concealer! ngeeeh. i pkai BodyShop nye body butter, sbb last year, jualan akhir tahun, diorg ade 50% diskaun. hahaha. jimat sket klu beli half price. lol~

  4. fifi, boleh buat homemade concealer?cne 2?ajarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr =D
    BODYSHOP pnye pn best2..mmg ag best kalo diskaun.. ;)